Who We Are:

The Great American Real Estate Rebate Program is made possible by Win Realty Advisors (WRA) is an independent real estate marketing company. At WRA We provide marketing, advertising and real estate referral services in North America and select countries globaly. We carefully screen real estate agents for service to our clients. They must meet exemplory professional performance standards and demonstrate character that is congruent with that of our client organizations such as the ASAE, The Center For Association Leadership. WRA upholds, supports and defends the highest standards of ethics in the business practices, as defined by the National Association of Realtors, of the real estate agentswho are chosen to service our client organizations and their members. Once we have interviewed the prospective association or society member, we match the member to the best choice of real estate agent to provide real estate related services. It is truly a win win scenario for all involved.

We recognize and appreciate how important our associations and non-profit organizations are to our society. We all have stories of public servants, volunteers and unsung heroes in many industries who have had a tremendous impact on our lives. I feel strongly that by sharing a portion of our income we can show our appreciation and help to promote the continued growth and development of these very same organizations.

That is why at Win Realty Advisors we created the Great American Real Rebate Rebate program. This employee benefit program is designed to give 10% of the commissions earned by the real estate agents who serve association and society members who are buying or selling their own homes. Furthermore, participating lenders have pledged 10% of their commission income to be donated to the non-profit organization and/or foundation of the buyers or sellers choice. This addition to your employee benefit program not only exists as a source of income for the Non-Profit foundations and charitable organizations but is also a desirable feature that will be used to attract and retain talent for client associations. As baby boomers exit the workforce we feel attracting and retaining talent will be a focus for the the associations.

Why we do what we do:

If you've ever been to the hospital for any reason and appreciated the personal care given from a nurse, felt grateful for the extra time a teacher or Scout Leader spent with your child, enjoyed fresh produce or quite frankly enjoy eating at all, wept when you saw our police, fire and rescue personal risking their lives on 9/11, watched anxiously as your parent, child or sibling waved goodbye on their way to a foreign land to defend the freedom of others, if you get a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye reading this then you understand why we are putting our money where our mouths are and giving back to all of folks here who have given their time, their energy and their very selves for us.

We can't change the world but we can change ourselves and I give back 10% of every commission we, or any agent we work with in North America, earn on every real estate transaction we am a part of.  Every time one of our fellow American public servants, volunteers or unsung heroes uses one of our hand picked agents when they buy or sell a home anywhere in North America the agent and I give back 10% of our commission. Furthermore, we partner with certain lenders to make a matching contribution to the buyer or sellers chosen charity or organization.
How we do what we do:

Rules and Regulations:

  • This fund raiser has been reviewed by the Center For Association Leadership and has been determined to be in compliance with the "Fundraising Policies and Procedures Manual". "However, this does not constitute any endorsement of the real estate services provided by the ASAE.

  • Win Realty Advisors is not a Real estate Brokerage Company, but an independent Real Estate Marketing company.

  • Real Estate transactions are referred to participating Real Estate Agents in Participating Real Estate Brokerage Agencies. These agents are screened for experience and conduct that is congruent with the values of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the ASAE.

  • Participating Real Estate Agents, jointly and in conjunction with Win Realty Advisors give the 10% discount to the buying or selling consumer at the time of successful completion of a real estate transaction.

  • Participating lenders are making a free will donation to the ASAE Foundation.

  • Consumers must use the Win Realty Advisors Real Estate Referral system in order to receive the 10% discount on Real Estate Agency fees. This discount must be in compliance with RESPA Rules

Consumers must use one of the participating lenders in order for the ASAE Foundation to receive the donation. Participating lenders vary based on geographic location. Furthermore, RESPA rules require all gifts to the ASAE Foundation to be strictly voluntary and up to the discretion of the individual lender.

  • For a definition of RESPA ( Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act ). Please seek the advise of an attorney who practices Real Estate Law.

  • Example: Assuming a sales price of $100,000.00 and assuming a real estate commission of 6% total ( 3% for buyer side and 3% for seller side ) the commission that is discounted would be 10% of $3,000.00 or $300.00. This $300.00 would be credited to the consumer who taking advantage of this offer. The participating lender is being asked to make a matching contribution to the ASAE Foundation. When the buyer and seller are both participating in this program both parties will receive the 10% discount on any real estate commissions. The matching donation from the lender to the ASAE Foundation will represent the buyer side of the transaction only.

  • Win Realty Advisors will track all real estate transactions, discounts to consumers and donations.

  • What do you do now?

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